Historical Timeline Of
The Quail Springs Church of Christ

Oklahoma City

2017 November

Examples of The Springs’ Influence on Mission Fields

In November of 2017 The Springs website included the following among missionaries they supported.

Antwerp (Deurne), Belgium
Paul and Carol Brazle

Paul Brazle began serving as a missionary in Belgium in 1986. The congregation he was working with in 2017 met at De Gryspeerstraat 92 in Deurne, a suburb of Antwerp. Two splits had occurred there because of Paul’s teaching on women speaking in the assembly and the use of instrumental music in worship.

First Split

In January of 2001 a Flemish member of the congregation decided that he could no longer meet with the church in Deurne because Paul Brazle taught that it was acceptable for women to speak in the assembly.

He began worshiping in his home in Burcht across the river from Antwerp with the intention of establishing a new congregation in that part of the city.

When two Ghanaian brethren, who also did not agree with Paul’s teaching, learned about the new congregation, they decided to attend there. In December of 2002 a regular meeting place was rented and Roy Davison had been invited to work with the congregation. In November of 2017 they had 19 in regular attendance, including children.

Second Split

In March of 2016 Ghanaian Christians who had been meeting with Paul Brazle in Deurne for several years began meeting at a separate location in Deurne.

They objected to Paul’s teaching that there was nothing wrong with using instruments of music in worship and that women ought to be allowed to speak in the assembly.

They had tried to persuade Paul that his views on these and other matters were not in agreement with the Scriptures, but they finally decided that they could serve the Lord better by meeting separately where such things would not be taught. They rented a meeting place for $800. per month. In November of 2017 they were having between 50 and 60 in attendance on Sundays.

Kigali, Rwanda

In 2017 several families were being supported by The Springs in Rwanda:
Bryan and Holly Hixson (Christís Church Rwanda)
Brett and Keli Shreck (Christís Church Rwanda)
Jamie Boiles (Rwanda Country Director of Belay Global, an organization based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, that offers faith-based business training and entrepreneurship development at locations around the world. They work with various denominations, organizations, NGOs and nonprofits that share their vision and mission).

Explanatory notes on Rwanda:
The organizational structure of the mission work The Springs supports in Rwanda requires some explanation.
There is an umbrella organization called “Rwanda Outreach and Community (ROC) Partners.” This is a non-profit corporation based in Oklahoma City that also has a Kigali post box. This corporation is tax-exempt in the US under IRC Section 501(c)(3).
Projects of the ROC include “Christ’s Church Rwanda” which meets in a building owned by the ROC and “Kigali International Community School.”
As of November 2017 the ROC team included three missionary couples, Bryan and Holly Hixson (Bryan was ROCís Executive Director and the Chairman of the Board for KICS), Brett and Keli Shreck (Brett was Senior Minister at Christís Church Rwanda), and Kerry and Douglas Bryan.
[Information from rocpartners.org]

Christ’s Church Rwanda described itself as follows on its website: “As followers of the risen Lord Jesus Christ, we are a non-denominational church, seeking to discover God’s Word afresh in our community today. We are ambassadors of both unity and truth. We practice open communion, support missions and church planting, participate in relief and development work, education, and build families.”

On 26 and 27 October, 2017 Christ’s Church Rwanda hosted “The Global Leadership Summit” in Rwanda, described on CCR’s website as follows: “The experience includes a re-broadcast of the talks from the Global Leadership Summit that took place at Willow Creek Association in August 10th to 11th, 2017.” One of the speakers was Bill Hybels, founder and senior pastor at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago.
[Information from christschurchrwanda.org]