Historical Timeline Of
The Quail Springs Church of Christ

Oklahoma City

During the three-year evaluation period it was suggested that for several reasons it would be best to sell the Quail Springs building. Although the building was debt-free, basic annual upkeep and maintenance was $200,000. Certain expensive equipment would need to be replaced soon and the parking lot and roof needed repair.*

These expenses were a financial burden for the congregation that had decreased to about 500 members.

The building was also viewed as not being suitable for the more informal type of meetings that the congregation had developed.

A more suitable facility could be leased and the several million dollars that the building was worth could be used for ministry and outreach.
From "Strategic Plan For Rebirth" (2013).
*Note: The Quail Springs Baptist Church that purchased the property in March of 2016, when deciding whether to buy, estimated that annual upkeep would cost $350,000.