Historical Timeline Of
The Quail Springs Church of Christ

Oklahoma City

A long-term goal of "The strategic plan for rebirth" calls for the establishment of six district churches in the Oklahoma City area. Missionaries are to be sent to each of the six districts "to embody our values and lead our member-ministers who live in that district." Existing small-groups will be used as starting points.

After quoting Matthew 28:19, 20 the statement is made: "To fulfill this GREAT COMMISSION in our time, we believe God has called THIS CONGREGATION to embody Christ outside the walls to the whole city in order to connect people to God."

It was concluded: that Spiritual Formation could best be accomplished in decentralized small groups; that funds for the project could be obtained by selling the Quail Springs building; and that a new name was needed.
From "Strategic Plan For Rebirth" (2013).