Historical Timeline Of
The Quail Springs Church of Christ

Oklahoma City
2007 March 7

On March 7, 2007 the elders formally announced that they had decided to add an instrumental service on Sundays, in addition to the existing non-instrumental, worship-team service. They then began making plans, working out logistics, deciding when they would start and what the schedule would look like.

In a statement “from Mark and the Shepherds” on January 28, 2007 it had already been confirmed that this was being considered. One of the elders, Lynn Brooks, said: “There are rumors that we are planning significant changes to our Sunday morning worship. Indeed, we have been meeting for some months to discuss a proposal to add an instrumental worship service at Quail. BUT - let me be very clear - we have no plans to do away with our a cappella worship on Sunday mornings. In our deliberations, if we determine that God is leading us to do something different, it would be done as an additional service, not a replacement of our existing Sunday morning service.”

Eventually, however, the regular a cappella service was dropped. In videos of services after intruments were introduced, the worship team sometimes sang with instruments and sometimes without instruments. Few in the audience sang with them. The assurance that an a cappella service would continue did not prevent people in favor of congregational singing from leaving. The entertainment focus of soloists and the worship team (with or without intruments) had already replaced congregational singing.