Historical Timeline Of
The Quail Springs Church of Christ

Oklahoma City
2003 April

In the spring of 2003 a survey of the views of members at Quail Springs was published on their website. The report contained forty-eight-pages showing responses to many questions, most of which dealt with practical matters. Beginning on page thirty-four, however, responses were shown regarding the authority of the Scriptures, the plan of salvation and the use of instrumental music in worship.

Convictions about the Bible:
“The Bible is the actual Word of God and is to be taken as the final authority for Christians” - 55% agreed.
“The Bible is the inspired Word of God and its basic moral and religious teachings are clear and true, even if it does contain some human error” - 23% agreed.

Convictions on baptism:
“I believe that baptism should be by immersion” - 91% agreed.
“I received remission of sins when I was immersed into Christ” - 88% agreed.
“I believe that since only God is the judge we can’t know if others have to be baptized to be saved” - 45% agreed.
“I believe one can become a Christian by asking Jesus to come into his/her heart in prayer to God” - 41% agreed.
“I believe one must be immersed to be saved” - 31% agreed.

Convictions on the use of instrumental music in worship:
“I believe we should not use instruments in our Sunday corporate worship out of respect for our tradition in the Church of Christ, but we should be free to use them in any other ministry area” - 35% agreed.
“Using instruments is not a sin, but my personal preference is to worship without instruments” - 31% agreed.
“The use of instruments in praise and worship is a sin, so we shouldn’t use it [sic] in any of our church activities” - 2% agreed.

This survey was taken after four elders had resigned and significant numbers had left because of dissatisfaction with changes that had been made.

The lack of respect for the authority of the Scriptures among those who remained, as demonstrated by this survey, explains why they would not object to practices being introduced for which there was no Biblical authority and that were even blatantly contrary to the Word of God.

The addition of musical instruments to the worship and the introduction of unscriptural forms of leadership, were just outward indications of a rejection of the Scriptures as normative. Once this happens, apostasy snowballs.