Historical Timeline Of
The Quail Springs Church of Christ

Oklahoma City
2001 August 19

A corporate meeting was held on August 19, 2001 for the purpose of changing the Articles of Incorporation to allow for the use of music instruments in the building. Two of the elders publically opposed the change and after much discussion the meeting ended without a decision. Two weeks later, the elders met and reaffirmed their decision concerning the use of the building for instrumental worship, although this was contrary to the Articles of Incorporation. The elders who objected were told that they should support the decision of the majority. Three of the oposing elders resigned by the end of the week and left the congregation, and a forth resigned a few weeks later.*
*Henderson, Robert Mark, "Leadership and the life of God: distribution of ministerial gifts and leadership practices at the Quail Springs Church of Christ" (2004), thesis presented to ACU, page 21.

Actually, the wrong elders resigned. The existing Articles of Incorporation were in force when the elders voted to allow the use of instruments in the building. According to Article IV, those who voted to allow instruments thereby forfeited their right to lead the congregation. That they had a majority was irrelevant according to Article IV. As men of integrity they should have acknowledged this and resigned. The five elders who voted against the use of instrumental music were authorized, both Biblically and by Article IV, to continue leading the congregation.