Historical Timeline Of
The Quail Springs Church of Christ

Oklahoma City
1990 September

In September of 1990, shortly after the visit to the Willow Creek Community Church that uses “contemporary music” to draw a crowd, Quail Springs started having a worship team lead one service each Sunday to develop a more “contemporary” style of worship. Because of objections this was discontinued in February of 1991. Others objected to the discontinuance.

Lynn Anderson, on page 166 in his book, “Navigating the winds of change” writes: “Ronnie White, from the Quail Springs Church of Christ in Oklahoma City, says, ‘Most “changers” don’t appreciate the pain involved in change. If you change too fast some people leave. If you change too slow, others leave. Either way, it hurts.’”

The use of a “praise team” places women in a leadership role contrary to 1 Timothy 2:12. Rather than the whole congregation being led in songs of praise, attention is focused on the singers up front. Although it is promoted as a better way to lead the singing, it degrades the singing because many do not know the “contemporary” songs and others just listen to the praise team as entertainment. According to Scripture, the whole congregation is the “praise team”! Conscientious Christians are driven away by unscriptural worship.